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gee mong

Even with million-dollar HDB flats, housing is still affordable for the average person

    Last month, an owner sold his 5-room HDB loft unit in Queenstown's SkyTerrace @ Dawson for a record S$1.418 million. This broke the previous record of S$1.4 million for a 5-room flat in Bukit Merah that was sold in May 2022.
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  In all, 33 HDB resale flats were transacted for at least S$1 million in July, up from 31 such units in the previous month, according to the HDB resale transaction data.
  The headline news may have driven sensational responses from buyers concerned about being priced out of the HDB resale market.
  Keep in mind, however, that the number of million-dollar flats sold in July comprised just 1.4 per cent of the total resale volume that month. The S$1.418 million flat is also not your typical HDB resale transaction.
  That said, the record transaction price - coupled with two years' sharp price rises in HDB resale and private housing markets of 21 per cent and 15 per cent, respectively, since the first quarter of 2020 – can cause anxiety among first-time homebuyers about whether housing has become out of reach.
  Some may be worried that prices will continue to rise rapidly, and others may be worried about rising mortgage rates.
  "Should I wait, or should I buy now?" The enigma facing prospective homebuyers is not only the question of when to buy. Given their income levels, the type of house they can afford would also be at the forefront of their minds.
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