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copper xinyu
by on October 15, 2018

As an electrical material, enameled wire is a thin layer of high-strength insulating layer on the surface of a round copper wire, which is insulated from the outside. The Enameled Wire can be processed into thinner wires than the hairline according to the specifications, and can also be processed into a thick thumb and the thickness of the wrapped yarn. The surface insulation layer should be scraped off during use. Enameled wire has good insulation and waterproof ability, and has a wide range of applications in the electrical field such as electric motors, generators, pumps, electromagnets, electric welders, household appliances, wireless communications, speakers, telegraphs, transformers, etc.

The main cause of air bubbles on the surface of the enameled wire is the solvent or moisture remaining in the paint film (for example, formed during the water cooling phase during annealing). Once the outer paint film reaches the heating section of the oven, the trapped solvent or moisture begins to evaporate. This results in the generation of a bubble phenomenon.

200 Enameled Copper Wire

Describe the three paint removal methods that are convenient and useful for enameled wire. Apply rosin to the broken end of the enameled wire, and then infiltrate the cross section into the molten tin of the soldering iron. Because there is no paint on the cross section, the tin is applied. The temperature is excellent and it is transmitted to the enameled wire. The paint around the cross section does not depend on the paint. Soon it will fall, and soon it will be on the tin! The key point is three points: the rosin should be stuck at the broken end, the section should be immersed in molten tin, and the temperature of the soldering iron should be higher!

Ordinary wire, the thin wire can be directly tinned when the soldering iron temperature is 400. Thick lines should be sanded with a knife. Do not advocate the use of fire. This will cause the wire to oxidize, even if it can be tinned under the microscope, there will be too many pores.

There is a paint remover, the model is CC-4. This paint remover has no corrosion to the metal substrate, removes the paint, and removes the paint film into a block shape, does not adhere to the metal core wire, and removes the paint core. Excellent wire solderability. It is suitable for the occasions where the electronic and electrical professions need to be agile to paint, instead of the old methods of the original knife scraping and burning.

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