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hu fujihd
by on May 24, 2018

As you know, the professional Elevator Manufacturers - FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. offer different types of elevator, in this article you will konw: Comparison of Machine Roomless Elevator and Machine Room Elevator.

Advantages of fujihd machine roomless elevator

1, Save space, you can only do in the host below a maintenance platform.

2, Because there is no need for the engine room, the building structure and the cost of greater benefits, which makes the architect in the design has greater flexibility and convenience, to the designer with greater freedom, and because of the cancellation of the Room, the owner, the machine room elevator than the organic room elevator construction costs lower.

3, Due to the overall design of some antique building building and the requirements of the roof, must be effective in the height of the elevator to solve the problem, so the machine roomless elevator is very satisfied with the needs of such buildings.

Shortcomings of machine roomless elevator

1, Noise, vibration and use of limitations

There are two types of host placement: one for the host on the top of the car, through the shaft guide wheel connection, no matter which way, the noise effect is very large, because the use of steel connection , And the noise must be digested in the hoistway, plus the sound of the brake, the fan's voice will be enlarged. So, the noise, the machine room is significantly larger than the organic room. In addition, the rigid connection of the host, the resonance phenomenon inevitably spread to the car and rail, the impact of the car and the rail is relatively large, so the comfort of the machine room is significantly weaker than the organic room.

2, The main engine room and other main heating parts are in the shaft, because there is no corresponding cooling and exhaust facilities, resulting in the temperature of the engine room without the impact of the host and the control cabinet is relatively large, especially the transparent ladder is not transparent Adapt to the installation of non-machine room elevator (that from fujihd.net), the elevator can not be gathered outside the heat. Therefore, the choice of such an elevator must be heavy.

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