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haiyan xu
by on March 20, 2023
The upcoming Shadow in the Erdtree DLC sounds promising, there are plenty of things it could introduce to push Elden Ring Items even further
Asking for the next Elden Ring almost feels redundant. Coming hot on the heels of FromSoftware's Dark Souls series and several related titles, the activity is stuffed filled with Soulslike action. Elden Ring's open-world format has given players lots of scenarios to stumble into that some continue being in their first go beyond annually after the activity launched. The most thorough explorers have spent one hundred hours combing using the Lands Between, and reports of reaching credits without feelings of missed content are practically uncommon. However, fans have become more of Elden Ring regardless.
Currently existing hardly any more than a name plus a piece of artwork, Shadow in the Erdtree will probably be Elden Ring's first and perhaps only expansion. It's not a surprise that Elden Ring gets DLC as another FromSoftware Soulslike game, though many assumed it could have something related to the PvP coliseums. Now that that theory remains debunked, all fans will need to go off of is what seems to become a dark, bleeding Erdtree and what strongly resembles Miquella riding Torrent. While facts are low, hopes are high, there are a variety of things Elden Ring's DLC is capable of doing to make its experience feel a lot more complete.
Miquella and Godwin Need Resolution
The biggest hope, and what seems to be teased, is expanding on Miquella's story. Despite being the twin brother of Malenia as well as the centerpiece of Mohg's fledgling dynasty, little is well known about Elden Ring's Michelle, and many types of player sees him as a real comatose body. The same can be stated about Godwyn, that is the Prince of Death but remains passive once the ball player finds his massive corpse. These two stand out as the only demigods you do not personally connect with, and both offer unresolved story threads. Many previously noticed that the Shadow in the Erdtree DLC is the greatest place to rectify that.
Expand the Lore of Elden Ring
While the above-mentioned have top reasons to become plot-relevant, there are other mysterious characters and concepts that fans wish to hear about. Queen Marika herself remains shrouded in mystery, and it could be nice low of become familiar with a bit more about her. Marika's patron, the Greater Will, is yet another mystery, as well as the player's interactions using the Outer Gods are actually minimal. Compounding by utilizing questions regarding Melina, the Gloam-Eyed Queen, the Tarnished themselves, and lots of other setting details, the chance for lore in Elden Ring's DLC is immense.
Elden Ring's DLC Needs To Keep Players Busy
Of course, the gameplay side cannot be neglected either. Players want to see new tools and challenges put in Elden Ring, whether it is in the form of new kinds of armor, mechanically distinct weapons, a glamour system, new environmental puzzles, or maybe more interesting bosses. Plenty of dungeons could be also appreciated, especially if more visual styles are employed to give the base game's tombs, caves, and mines an escape. Above all else, Elden Ring's DLC must give Torrent room to use, especially if the horse is locked in more pivotal fights.
Shadow in the Erdtree Should Build On Elden Ring's Strengths
Above all else, the Shadow in the Erdtree expansion must seem like it's expanding Elden Ring. The unusually long development time with this particular DLC shows that it will in the landmass sense, however, it must do moreover. Taking players to exotic locales, to be able to significantly different versions in the Lands Between previously or future, feels vital with this particular DLC. Expanding the scope of the story too as well as giving players new game-spanning side quests and endings might be ideal. Ultimately, Elden Ring's Shadow in the Erdtree DLC should leave a mark on the activity and its fanbase. Given FromSoftware's history, it'll do the least of that.
elden ring items can be acquired now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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