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by on March 15, 2023

That’s right, the Lost ark Gold Artist subclass is visiting the West incredibly soon, after having a successful release recently in the Korean version with the Smilegate and Amazon MMORPG game. The Lost Ark Artist release date provides the game desires to start closing the gap between content releases in several regions, therefore the West shouldn’t wait nearly as yearn for new content.

lost ark

Amazon Games already told PCGamesN that Lost Ark year two aims to “greatly decrease the gap” between regions, using the Artist potentially being the start of your plan. “I can tell that we are intending to greatly slow up the gap involving the western build as well as the Korean build inside our second year as compared to our 1st year,” Amazong Games franchise leader Soomin Park told us.

As mentioned, the Artist class has become available on the Korean servers of the MMO game for many years, these days they’re visiting the West. This gap over time has numerous factors behind it too, which Amazon Games calls “growing pains” inside our full interview with the studio.

The lost ark gold for sale Artist is usually a support class, and you will even visit a full breakdown of these skills and tripods (localized and determined by max-level scaling) in a very Reddit thread from this past year.

There is a lot of speculation about what class structure the Artist will fit into inside the Western Relief Lost Ark, but also in Korea, they’re the only real subclass within the Specialist category, so it’s likely that'll be brought over on March 15. We also don’t determine if there will be a more impressive Lost Ark patch if your Artist drops yet, however, some changes to expect.

The arrival in the Artist will most likely change up our Lost Ark classes tier list, which can assist you to decide on your future class shake-up inside MMO. We’ve also got the reward and site for every single Lost Ark Mokoko Seed likewise if you’re missing some.

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