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fuying fuying
by on November 23, 2022

Transparent solar panels are thin, plastic-like transparent panels that can be attached to transparent surfaces such as car windows and BIPV solar panels. The panels can also be used in other areas, from skyscrapers with large windows to mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops, and e-readers. These solar windows could simply replace traditional glass windows in offices and homes and have the potential to turn every building in the world into a solar power station.

The solar cells in a transparent solar panel must absorb sunlight (photons) and convert it into electricity (electrons). These cells selectively utilize parts of the solar spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye, while allowing normal visible light to pass through. The use of transparent solar panels can drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels, resulting in clean, efficient, and affordable energy, which may also help protect the environment.

Transparent solar panels, absorb 60% of sunlight! The panels have an efficiency of 7.2 percent, compared with 12 percent for the manufacturer's conventional solar panels. The reason for the reduced efficiency is that 60% of the light is absorbed by the panel while the remaining 40% is transmitted through the panel. Partially transparent solar panels have high commercial potential for office buildings with large south-facing glass areas that already use tinted glass to reduce transmitted sunlight.

Jiaxing Fuying Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a PV solar panels manufacturer in China. The company is committed to the research, application, production, and sales of Transparent BIPV Modules and BIPV solar panels.


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