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Huisu Huisu
by on November 21, 2022

If you store your simple-style storage box in a drawer, consider inserting a simple wooden board as a divider between the container and the lid. Stack containers of the same size and shape for easy access.

The second is to use adjustable drawer dividers to divide your drawers vertically into thirds (try a product like this one) and organize it in a way that works best for your container. You can sort round lids on one side, square and rectangular on the other; or large lids on one side and small lids on the other. Stack the containers in the middle section, or if you have a large collection, use two-thirds of the drawer for the containers and one-third for the lids.

Point number three: An organized container drawer is all about customizing the space for your collection. The image below uses a different section for each type of cover, so you can really easily find the one you need.

Fourth point: DIY with wood veneers, or you can use bookends like these or these to create custom sections. The containers are then simply stacked by type, with smaller containers placed inside larger containers.

Fifth point: If you have a small number of storage containers, you can use the compact pull-out storage unit for smaller storage containers and their matching lids. Then simply stack larger collections on top of the drawer unit. This keeps anything from tipping over and keeps everything organized and easy to maintain.

Point Six: Try using storage boxes or baskets inside the drawers to hold all the lids. Stacking "likes" will maximize space and keep everything easily accessible.

Zhejiang Huisu Household Products Co., Ltd. is a Refrigerator Storage Box Manufacturers from China, mainly providing Folding Storage Box and Transparent Storage Box With Lid

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