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MingdeDENG MingdeDENG
by on November 16, 2022

Flexible LED strips are widely used in various industrial, commercial and residential projects all over the world. There are not only Mini string lights for festival decoration but also industrial lighting strips of various powers. LED strips are popular among many architects and lighting designers due to improvements in efficiency, color options, and brightness. The big draw is how easy they are to install.

LED strip lights, also known as LED strip lights or LED strip lights, are known for their understated size and flexibility. High-efficiency LEDs sit on a 10mm wide circuit board and are available in lengths from 3' to 16.4'.

The flexible LED strip has many features that make it easy to use in a variety of situations: Cut to size - Cutting the LED strip is simple thanks to the cutting line that follows the strip. There is a black wire at each cut point and copper pads on each side. Copper pads make each strip addressable even after it has been cut. This makes it possible to connect LED strips together or in different areas of your home.

FLEXIBLE LED STRAP WITH ADHESIVE – The LED light strip features a 3M adhesive backing for easy installation options. Low-profile flexible strips feature a peel-off backing to expose 3M adhesives for easy peel-and-stick installation.

Waterproof or not - LED light strips are not limited to indoor projects. The waterproof LED light strip is IP65 rated and features a silicone material that protects the light strip components from dust and moisture. Waterproof LED lights are slightly more expensive but are essential for any project outdoors or near water.

Taizhou Mingde Decorative Lighting Co., Ltd. is a Led Light Set Supplier, the company manufactures and sells Led Spiral Tree Lights, Moon Bell Led Curtain Lights, and other products.

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