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DiFeng DiFeng
by on November 15, 2022

brass shower faucet refers to the shower head and sometimes the tub spout and other visible faucet handles and controls in the shower. Shower faucets and their accompanying controls are sometimes called shower trims, and they are the visible parts of your shower that you use every day.

A shower valve is an internal device in the wall that regulates water temperature, flow, and output to shower heads, tub spouts, and other shower accessories. The spool in the valve connects it to the exterior decorative handle, which serves a secondary role in controlling water flow and temperature. Unlike shower trim, most shower valves are mounted out of sight.

Shower valves are mostly sold separately from shower trim and accessories. Not all shower trim kits come with valves.

Because they work in tandem, the shower faucet (shower trim) and shower valve must be made by the same manufacturer and be the correct pair for proper installation to work properly.

A thermostatic valve (TS valve) has two valves and two handles to control pressure and temperature, so you can set the temperature without affecting the amount of water and vice versa.

The TS valve senses and controls water temperature through a wax insert or other thermal element that expands or contracts to restrict the water supply when the desired thermal threshold is reached.

With a thermostatic valve, you can directly control the temperature of the water by pre-setting the temperature control on the valve, providing scald protection. It keeps the desired temperature within 1 degree. You can also set an overall temperature limit for the valve. Plus, when you shower and use the handle to set your preferred temperature, you can get the same temperature the next time you shower without changing the temperature handle.

Thermostatic valves are considered superior to pressure-balanced valves and are the most expensive type of valve.

Yuhuan Difeng Brass-Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. is a Chinese Brass Bath Faucets manufacturer, the company specializes in Thermostatic Shower Faucets and other products.


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