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Macmillan wu
by on October 11, 2022

Russell Westbrook was given an unflattering 78 overall rating in 2k23 mt. Russell Westbrook has the fourth-highest 2K23 rating of the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook has clearly fallen behind LeBron James as well as Anthony Davis but he is in the same position as his teammate , Patrick Beverley. The 2K team gave Patrick Beverley a 79 overall rating, which is right for the position he's right now in his life.

Westbrook, meanwhile, it tied with Kendrick Nunn, and is barely higher than the likes of Thomas Bryant and Lonnie Walker IV. This is a significant downfall for Westbrook however, it's totally justified. Westbrook fans will be horrified at this number and refer to this box-scoring as the primary reason why his score should be in the mid-to-high 80s. Anyone who has actually watched Lakers game last season is aware of how misleading the box score is and how badly Westbrook was last season.

The former MVP was always slightly overrated when is a winning player (he has won just one championship series in his career since Kevin Durant left OKC) but there was no denying his athleticism and skills. It could be a good thing to translate to 2K, even if that didn't make him a basketball champion in actual life.

NBA 2K23 is here, and that means hoop heads and non-professional NBA fans will be faced with one season's worth to discuss and more than a couple of Vince Carter dunk packages to choreograph. We'll break down the brand new NBA 2K23 rosters for all 32 NBA teams. In this guide we'll look at a closer look at the Toronto Raptors.

If you're curious about the Raptors are's top players might be, if the 2022 ROY Scottie Barnes is the case, or which players on the team might require to be upgraded in MyNBA Eras, here's all you must know about NBA 2K23 Raptors roster.The Raptors are the 17th best team of the league according to the ratings for the 32 teams that play cheap 2k23 mt.

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